Sonya Cogan
Your wedding lasts only a day, but the memories can live on forever with the right photographer. I’m not just taking photographs. I’m also preserving people’s memories. My grandfather took pictures my entire life, and being able to see my family history documented and preserved all these years later is a true gift he left for all of us. I believe this is why I became interested in photography at the age of four. Split second amazing moments can be captured forever with the right photographer. Therefore, I believe your photographer is the most important person you will hire for your wedding.

When it comes to wedding photography, in essence what I am doing is building a wedding story for the couple. When it comes to weddings and portraits, people show you their personalities, and I enjoy expressing that in the photographs I take. I love what I do, and I love being a part of the milestones in people’s lives, watching people live, laugh, enjoy, and celebrate. I love the way I can capture a moment before it’s gone so you can relive it again and again through my photographs. There’s just nothing in the world like it.
With a pre-wedding consultation I get to meet the couple and see what their personalities are like. Like my grandfather, I’d like to think that what I create will live on in the hearts and minds of people forever. It makes me happy to know that I am bringing a little more sweetness and beauty into the world with my photographs.

My work has appeared in and on the covers of such magazines and publications as: Billboard, Love Wins Texas Weddings, New Mexico Woman, Albuquerque The Magazine, Cowboys & Indians, New Mexico Business Weekly, New Mexico Business Magazine, Broker Agent, Living Natural, On The Scene, Albuquerque Journal, Weekly Alibi, and Orlie’s Lowriding. I recently photographed two covers of the New Mexico Event and Wedding Planner Magazine, 2011, 2012. I have also photographed celebrity weddings in Las Vegas, including John Taylor of Duran Duran and his wife Gila, owner and creator of Juicy Couture clothing, and retired NBA player Rodney “Rod” Strickland. I also photographed an album cover for a well-known musician, Bud Mickle. I photographed model/dancer Jenelle Montano, Nicole Falsone-Swofford Ms. United States 2005 and Janine Falsone-Milks, Mrs. New Mexico 2010 for many years, and champion boxer Danny Romero.

I’ve also photographed such politicians as Bill Richardson, Gary Johnson, Martin Chavez, Heather Wilson, Pete Dominici, Elizabeth Dole, and many others. I was asked to photograph the cast of AMC’s hit TV show Breaking Bad and was named “Best Photographer” in Albuquerque The Magazine 2008. I also wrote an article for Albuquerque the Magazine, 2012 along with a number of on line articles about the wedding industry.
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