Do you offer free in person consultations?
Absolutely. I think good communication before your wedding is vital so I am fully aware of what you want and what your vision is. 

Can I see an entire wedding from start to finish, not just a few pictures from different weddings?
Yes. I think this is one of the most important things when hiring a photographer for your wedding. I highly recommend this.

Will our pictures be available online for viewing? 
Yes, all weddings go online with every package and are password protected. 

When will our pictures be ready?

Your images should be ready in about 45 days and pictures will be online in that same time frame.

Is it wise to save money by having my cousin shoot my wedding?
Yikes, No. I have heard too many sad stories from couples who wished they could do their photography over again. I know it’s tempting to save money but it’s just not worth it, especially with the most important day of your life. 

Do you prefer inside or outside weddings?
BOTH. I love both for different reasons and can do both beautifully well. I shoot both natural light and have multiple flashes which I bounce for very flattering soft natural light. I can shoot during the day or night and am prepared for any tricky lighting situation.

Can we get a hand crafted wedding book?
Yes. My albums are the finest made with lots of style choices. I use the Graphistudio line out of Italy and they are stunning. 

What equipment do you use? Do you carry back up?

I use all very high end (FX) professional Nikon cameras and equipment. I carry back up equipment and I back up everything. 
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