Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a full time professional photographer?

Do you have any formal photography education or are you self taught?
Yes, I have an AS in Commercial Photography, a BA in Art with minor in Fine Art Photography, and an MS in Business & Human Relations. I'm constantly learning though, I believe you should never stop. 

What is your style?
I do a mix of styles so you can have it all, including, journalistic “capturing the moment” of your day naturally as it unfolds. I also shoot editorial photos, as well as traditional elegance posed photos. I’m excellent at capturing that split second special moment and emotion. I am also excellent at posing people in a beautiful and natural way.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?
I've been a professional wedding photographer for around 19 years. I have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. 

Do you offer free no pressure in person consultations?
Absolutely. If you decide to go with me I ask a bunch of questions so I really get to know exactly what you want, what’s most important to you, your likes and dislikes, and any special requests you may have. I think good communication before your wedding is vital so I am fully aware of what you want and what your vision is. 

Can I see an entire wedding from start to finish, not just a few pictures from different weddings?
Yes. I think this is one of the most important things when hiring a photographer for your wedding. I highly recommend this.

Will our pictures be available online for viewing? 
Yes, all weddings go online with every package and are password protected. 

When will our pictures be ready?

Your images should be ready in about 45 days and pictures will be online in that same time frame.

Is it wise to save money by having my cousin shoot my wedding?
Yikes, No. I have heard too many sad stories from couples who wished they could do their photography over again. I know it’s tempting to save money but it’s just not worth it, especially with the most important day of your life. 

Why should I go with a smaller business as opposed to a huge studio?
With someone like me who owns her business and it's my name and reputation you can be assured I treat every wedding as if it were my own and it really matters to me that every single wedding I shoot the bride and groom are extremely happy with me so I bend over backwards to make that happen. 

Do you prefer inside or outside weddings?
BOTH. I love both for different reasons and can do both beautifully well. I shoot both natural light and have multiple flashes which I bounce for very flattering soft natural light. I can shoot during the day or night and am prepared for any tricky lighting situation.

How many weddings do you shoot per year?
As many as I can do WELL. I won't over extend myself and let the work suffer as a result. I take every wedding very seriously. Some years I have shot 40 weddings, and some years about half that, it just depends. The year I had my son and the year I moved, I cut way back. I lived in Las Vegas for a while so I was shooting long hours six days a week. In total I've shot almost 2,000 weddings. 

What if you get sick?
Well in nearly two decades I have never missed a wedding. I also don't take on more than I can handle, that's where businesses of all types get into trouble, by spreading too thin. Also, I don't take physical risks like skydiving (yikes, not for me) but yes any vendor I suppose could fall off a ladder the day before your wedding and break their leg or something. Life happens and no one can control the universe. All I can say is that in twenty years it's never happened because I know what I'm doing and take extraordinary care. If an act of God did happen you would receive your deposit back and I would make every effort to secure another photographer immediately. Even studios with numerous people on staff can't guarantee for everything. They might have five people on staff but on a popular date or busy time of year they have all their photographers booked (to make the most money) so there might be an illusion of back up. 

Can we get a hand crafted wedding book?
Yes. My albums are the finest made with lots of style choices. I use the Graphistudio line out of Italy and they are stunning. I highly recommend them as they are something you will cherish forever and something you can share with your children and grandchildren one day. However, if you do not want one that's absolutely fine, totally your choice and I never pressure anyone.

What equipment do you use? Do you carry back up?

I use all very high end (FX) professional Nikon cameras and equipment. I carry back up equipment and I back up everything. 

Who will shoot my wedding?

That would be me. I do not farm out to other photographers.

Do you shoot same sex weddings?

Why do you work out of your home?
I choose to work out of my home because I get a lot more done that way and it's more comfortable for me. Plus it saves you money because my overhead is lower. I had an office at one point but it made no sense for me to drive there to edit and meet with people, it just ended up costing me more and wasted a lot of time. It also took longer for me to get things done because I couldn't work late at night after my son was in bed like I do at home, which is great because it allows me to work smarter and make the most of my time.

What is your philosophy?
I never play games and am totally honest. I would rather not accept a job than do it half baked. I personally never work with companies or people that don't give a straight and honest answer. No one likes high pressure sales or being told one thing then later on being told something else, that's the worst, and I'm just not that way. Being a good person and having a stellar reputation is priceless to me. I believe nothing is more important than the quality of the work and you having a wonderful experience with me. 
What is your personality like?
I'm a very easy going person and can get along with anyone. Stuff rolls of my back. I'm a lot of fun and I try to make the shooting fun as well. I see the big picture in life and don't sweat the small stuff. However, when it comes to my work I am very much a perfectionist. When it comes to my work I feel I should either do it right or not at all. You will be spending a bit of time with your photographer so you should not only like their work but you should also like their personality. 
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